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Gift ideas for family celebrations
At HelloMini you will find distinctive and personalizable gift ideas for children. Perfect as a gift for special family celebrations and moments in the life of the child: For example as a communion gift that will be remembered.
First Communion is a unique life event celebrated in the family circle. Usually the kids are about 8 years old and are therefore in a special phase of life. You are already independent, active and full of game ideas!
We have developed the appropriate products to meet the needs of children and their wishes at this age: Our favourite gift ideas include our children's shelf, suitable for the popular children's radio play music boxes with the matching collector's figures (also suitable, for example, for the tonie box with the tonie figures). Closely followed by the customizable wooden boxes for little treasures, jewelry or toys - whether for girls or boys. Thanks to name engraving, this simple wooden box becomes a very personal treasure chest. By the way, there is also room for small games like the wooden HelloMini-Memory. Even the sizing knife does not only accompany the smallest on their way to becoming taller, because we offer different measuring stick lengths up to 150 cm, so that all progress can be visibly recorded.
You will also find our "classics" such as name tags for your own children's room, night lamps for snoozing and decorating, and even more game ideas in our online shop. The product variety is simply enormous thanks to different personalization options!

Fulfilling children's wishes individually
Children's wishes are very diverse, just like our gift ideas! Slowly even the smallest ones get bigger. You decide which colour, shape or lettering your individual gift idea for communion should receive. Just browse through the products and let yourself be inspired! As always, you can create your favorite Hellomini item online to give to friends as a gift - and it only takes a few steps to complete the order.

Children's rooms with character
At the latest when their own children become independent, they will have their own head. This is also becoming increasingly evident in the decoration and colours of the children's room. This makes it all the more important to give room to the child's individuality so that it can develop freely. In order to create their own kingdom for the little ones, we have many design and decoration ideas for children's gifts - for example as a special communion gift!

Handmade unique pieces
At HelloMini every piece is unique, designed and finally manufactured just for you and adapted to your wishes. Of course we have professional mechanical support for this, at least when it comes to the basic shapes for your gift, which our laser creates. No matter if name plate, baby lamp or the wall shelf for the children's jukebox.
Afterwards it goes already to the careful manual work. We, the HelloMini team, prefer to take care of colour and finishing personally! Everyone knows that homemade gifts are the best. And we are happy to do that for you. Your HelloMini product is handmade - with great attention to detail. The final touch is always done by hand.
And every day we work on new and innovative product ideas that will brighten up your children's room or home - often with a functional character, as in the case of the measuring rods or our shelf tailored to the children's jukebox in many different variations. We are always open for new ideas and suggestions!

Give special moments for communion
Emotional occasions accompany life. And just as individual as we are human beings, so should the appropriate gifts be. This is what we at HelloMini have made our mission. Giving as a present is twice as much fun if the gift fits the recipient!
The First Communion of the child is such a special gift occasion, where the whole family comes together and celebrates together. Give joy that lasts - even after the unique life event of communion.

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