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Which tool are needed to put the hellomini night-light on the wall?

We deliver all your hellomini night-lights with an assembly intruction and mounting accessories. You always have two options for the wall mounting. Depending on the type of the wall (e. g. wooden wall, plasterboard, stone wall) you can decide which mounting accessories you want to use.

In the scope of supply you can find two dowels (e. g. for stone alls), two matching cross recess screws, two nails and an assembly intruction.

  • For the montage with dowel and screw you need a drilling machine with a fitting boring head and a screwdriver.
  • Fort the montage with the nails you just need a hammer

Please be sure to choose the right montage solution for your type of wall. An illustrated guide is included.

What is a Pulling-Switch and do I need one?

The Pulling-Switch allows you to turn the light on and of comfortable, by just pulling on a string. Almost all of your customers favour this option. You can also get your night-light without an Pulling-Switch. In this case you have to turn the light on and off at the battery compartment. This is also possible but not as comfortable as the Pulling-Switch.

Do I need a power connection for my hellomini night-light?

The hellomini night-light doesn’t need an extra power connection, because they are all battery-operated. You can find two AA-batterys in the scope of supply of your night-light that you can use the lamp directly. Also you can use rechargeable batterys. Please consider our general information to the battery law. The energy efficiency is A++

I have a special wish for an personalized product, what can I do now?

If you have an special wish fort he konfiguration that can’t be made on our website, feel free to contact us an You are welcome.

How long does the delivery of my new hellomini product take?

We process every order personally and in manual work. You can find the delivery time at the „purchase procedure“. Please understand that it takes time tot o manufacture the individual produkts we sell to you. Often we are faster than indicated, but we sadly can’t guarantee that to you.

Can I give my favourite product away?

Sure, just choose your preferred delivery address at the purchase procedure. So you can chosse the recipient by yourself. In the package itself is no extra bill.

Can my finished product deviate from the graphical representations of the homepage?

Minor differences between the finished product and the representation at the screen are possible and for technical reasons. Colour deiations are part of the tolerance range and shall not constitute grounds for a complaint.

Our product is made of nature wood. Therefore it can occur that your lamp contains knotholes or wood fiber. This type of deviation is just a sign of natureness and don‘t constitute grounds for a complaint.
Due to the manufacturing process the cutting edges of our procucts are coloured dark. Our produkt is made just for the inside use.