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At hellomini you will find practical and at the same time beautifully personalized gifts for starting school. Large sets for the start of school, lunch boxes and water bottles. Choose your personal motif and decorate it with the name of your choice ... Read more

At hellomini you will find sentimental and unique gifts for starting school. Prospective school children, whether girl or boy, deserve to experience an unforgettable 1st day of school.

Faster than we'd like, kindergarten time passes. The first school year is just around the corner. It's the perfect time for a great first day of school gift. Besides the traditional school cone, there are plenty of other unique gift ideas.

We'd have a few magical suggestions already, too....

handmade first day of school gifts for the year 2021

At hellomini, we make all of our unique designs in our own manufactory. For the start of school in 2021 we have some great new products for you:

Individualized lunch boxes for kids with beautiful bamboo lids for example. You can of course personalize this enchanting lunch box with your favorite motif and a desired name.

We are especially proud of our charming personalized stainless steel water bottles for kids. Here we laser the desired motif and name into the beautiful wooden lid.

The whole thing is of course also available as a combined gift set. The perfect gift for the first day of school. With this unique breakfast set, you're sure to always provide the coolest breakfast break. And the best thing is that neither the water bottle nor the lunch box will be confused with those of other children.

A wonderful first day of school gift is our cute arithmetic chain for children. It is not only lovingly designed, but also extremely useful as an aid to learning arithmetic.

Our new favorites are the adorable Alphabet breakfast board and the One by One breakfast board. They look beautiful and are made of very high quality. Choose your name and you'll playfully learn the alphabet and one by one at breakfast. How cool is that?

The most popular back to school gift is our unique enrollment set for kids. It comes with all of the most adorable items:
-a personalized lunch box
-a beautiful water bottle
-a personalized timetable
-a great Caketopper
-an enchanting wooden pendant.

Our enrollment set for children is also available in a small version. It includes a personalized timetable, the hellomini caketopper and our great wooden pendant. No one else has such a cool back-to-school set!

Gifts for starting school for girls - for an unforgettable school start

The 1st day of school is always something very special. At hellomini you will discover real unique items. Whether you want to give your daughter, niece, granddaughter or simply a friend.

Here you are guaranteed to find something you can't get anywhere else.

Our gifts for school enrollment for independent young ladies are all made with attention to detail from high quality materials.

You choose from great designed motifs like our popular rainbow, the cute bunny or the crown for little princesses.

You can also easily tell us the name of the person you are giving the gift to via the fillable fields and we will refine your order into a real work of art.

Oh how nice it is to put a smile on the face of a little girl to start the life of a schoolgirl!

Gifts for boys for the first day of school

 Often it's not so easy to find great gifts for little boys. hellomini makes it easy for you:

Our designs all come in wonderful motifs that boys are especially happy about. The lion, the crown for the little prince, the mountain world for little adventurers and much more.

Our gifts for the start of school can be freely personalized and make your son, nephew, grandson or friend the coolest boy in the whole schoolyard.

Tell us which motif you would like to have and which name the recipient has. We will then refine your gift with your very own personal engraving.

meaningful & original gifts for the first day of school

Gifts for school initiation should be above all three things: personal, meaningful and original. This combination is simply unbeatable. That's why we combine these three qualities with our 2021 back-to-school novelties.

Our little works of art are uniquely designed and at the same time useful, practical and there for learning.


What do you give for the first day of school?

There's one thing you should definitely give as a gift for starting school: joy. How do you do that? Certainly not with any impersonal 08/15 gift. Rather, choose something personal that expresses your closeness to the child you are giving the gift to. Especially personalized items are very popular with young Children.

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