Geschenke zur Babyparty Geschenke zur Babyparty

Gift ideas from hellomini
At HelloMini you will find many unique and personalizable gift ideas for babies, children and the whole family. Also for special occasions in life, like the baby party, we have a lot of ideas to give away! For example, wall decoration ideas, such as our name plates and dream catchers for designing living spaces inside or outside, great children's shelves or other play ideas. The product variety is simply enormous thanks to different personalization options!

A child sees the light of day
Hardly any other moment is so unique in the life of new parents: the birth of the first baby. This magical moment is the beginning of a new phase of life. A new life begins. Traditionally, the baby party is held before the baby is born to congratulate the mother and the whole family with gifts for their baby and to decorate the baby's room.
That's exactly why we offer you a range of special gift ideas for the very little ones: Finds individual presents for newborns, babies and toddlers - or simply for their parents. From the wooden slumber lamp to the dream catcher with your desired name (with or without date of birth) for sweet dreams of the growing baby, from the first own name plate as a wall decoration to the door lettering for the children's room or even a first family name plate as a loving gesture for the parents-to-be.

Gifts for Mom, Dad & Baby
Even the newly baked (or expecting) parents are looking forward to personal gifts during this exciting time. Slowly but surely, even the smallest ones are getting bigger and you can watch them grow bigger soon. By the way, before the baby party it is worthwhile to discuss who is going to take care of which gift, in order to avoid duplication and to find suitable presents for the baby's life.
Gift ideas for the child's future, for example a measuring bar, can also stimulate the parents' imagination and give happiness. As always, you can create your favourite unique item online for yourself or to give to friends - in just a few steps until the order is completed.

Handmade unique pieces
At HelloMini every piece is unique, designed and finally manufactured just for you and adapted to your wishes. Of course we have professional mechanical support for this, for baby party presents: no matter if name plate, baby lamp or the wall shelf for the children's jukebox, all basic shapes are created by our laser in the first step.
Afterwards it goes already to the careful manual work. We, the HelloMini team, prefer to take care of colour and finishing personally! We all know that homemade gifts are the best - especially on such occasions as the birth of a child. And we are happy to do that for you. Your HelloMini product is handmade - with great attention to detail. The final touch is always done by hand.
And every day we work on new and innovative product ideas that will brighten up your children's room or home - often with a functional character, as in the case of the measuring rods or our shelf tailored to the children's jukebox in many different variations. We are always open for new ideas and suggestions!

Gifts for special occasions
Emotional occasions accompany life. And just as individual as we are human beings, so should the appropriate gifts be. This is what we at HelloMini have made our mission. Giving as a present is twice as much fun if the gift fits the recipient!
Every new year offers many occasions to give presents to your loved ones. Whether small or large, young or old, special occasions in life are the perfect opportunity to give away. Whether as a gift for a birth, first birthday, christening, baby party or the so-called "baby pee". We are convinced: There is always a good reason for giving a gift, even without an official reason. Because giving away brings joy for both sides. At HelloMini you can create the perfect gift for any baby shower in just a few steps online!

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